Energy Vampires are sometimes...

Sometimes when you’re hanging out with someone and u feel drained afterwards it’s not always because they were stealing your energy energy vampires so to speak... Sometimes it’s also a percentage of... you, holding yourself "together" whilst you are hangin with them. Holding yourself "together" holding your feelings in that takes tons of energy. You are hiding your true feelings behind a mask of everything is fine I can't tell you about this or act like this or freak out like I might want to... it takes soooooo much energy to hold back the dam of truth that is the endless river of our feels. So maybe its not just that those peeps are energy vampires maybe they are doing the

Man it's GREAT to be humble

What does it mean to be humble??? Is there apart of our collective belief system that tells us that humility is weak? Unsuccessful...?? Bound to struggle and beg??? And what is the result of this belief around humility... is it connection? Loving community?? Those moments (rare!!) when I have experienced humility .... nothing compares .... i will spend every second of my life reminding myself to submit to humility When I can really let go of the struggle to prove myself and compare yourself MAKE SOMETHING Of YOURSELF !!!!! When I can just let go and enjoy serving the moment... serving EACH OTHER To live in AWE and commitment to whatever crosses my path Forgiveness. Trusting that those w

Don't RUSH Relationships

don't rush relationships.... (even friendships or what could possibly turn out to be unfriendships...) why do we do that? Why do we wanna know.... "where this is going and what is this for and and and....are you WORTH IT?" before the relationship has even had time to MAKE A STORY OUT OF ITSELF. the story of how things happen is the juice and excitement of relationships. bumps and glitches / burns and bites included. let your relationships percolate and gestate and unfold and create. let them surprise you and disappoint you and amaze you and humble you. and when I say "don't rush relationships" I don't mean "don't talk about what you think feel and even predict" I mean....ENJOY the R

Alone Time...what is it good for?

you know how it's fun to hang out with a bunch of people BUT if you really wanna get intimate and get to know someone you need to spend quality time together... just the 2 of you?? I think that about myself. Alone time is not about being's about intimate time with myself so we CAN GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER. How do I expect to know you ,Jane Calm, if I don't devote a lot of TIME AND ENERGY learning who you are? what you like and don't like what you are afraid of what your motivations are memories are desires are?? I need quality time just me and me to understand what you want.... cause sometimes girl..... I don't think YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. YOU confound ME sometime

The Art of Letting People Avoid You

The Art of Letting people avoid you. The art of offering all the communication and then dropping it and seeing if they will pick it up. The art of feeling close to someone and allowing them to not want it back. The art of trusting that somehow....they are right....Just as right as you are in wanting to The art of not making it mean you're not worthy. The Art of Letting yourself love without needing to experience it in physical time RIGHT FUCKING NOW The art of knowing you deserve it even if it doesn't come from where your ego tells you it needs to RIGHT NOW. The art of opening up to surprise connection. The art of waiting for forgiveness to unravel the emotional blocks. The art of true

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