TRUE LOVE is finding the place inside of you that truly wants to know what you "dont wanna know" about the person you claim to truly love. Can you experience true love without truly hearing who your lover is... ??? their detailed PAST detailed PRESENT and ALLLLLL the POTENTIAL detailed FUTURES they can dream up??? with or without you? True love means... --you truly want to know about their ex-lovers. --You truly want to know about their other attractions. --You truly want to know how THEY FEEL about YOUR attractions/exes... ---you truly want to know how you bother them ---you truly want to know what they're afraid of even in regards to relationship with you ---you truly want

You are not loved for your body

you are not loved for your body you are desired for your body. In the Hall of Mirrors... that is comparison and longing... we use our bodies to bargain for affection but you cannot be loved from there. Being loved for your body is like being loved for your costume. Can you be loved for your costume? A bit yes... but not FULLY not the REAL DEEP LOVE because... Your body is not who you are it is what you're wearing. IF... you CAN'T experience yourself as the joyous wildly liberated connected creature that you TRULY are and always have been (sometimes deep inside and hidden by cultural programming) without the body mirroring "deservership".... well... you haven't really

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