So your partners an addict...

WHO HAS A PARTNER THAT'S AN ADDICT??? this article will address what happens when one partner seems to be "more" addicted then the other partner. First of all- disclaimer...I am an're an addict... we are all addicts!!! 99.9% of the population is addicted to something and it doesn't have to be a substance. It can be relationship can be emotional highs / emotional lows such as complaining and sabotage... it can be money, belief systems or group ideology. People can be addicted to searching for spiritual enlightenment... Addiction is anything you do repeatedly/obsessively that keeps you from connecting with your immediate environment in an authentic way. Addictio

Help with Letting go...

Yes you will lose that thing you love.... Yes Everything changes and fades away... But it happens in exactly the right order... when you stay open- grateful- and curious full of humble questions.... beyond your ouchy ego answers... you'll notice that it faded exactly when it was suppose to ...just for you... to learn and experience exactly the way the TRUELOVE that is uniquely you.... wanted it to.... even when it stings my EGO that DOESN'T LIKE SURPRISES this is my mantra... so I don't start to grip to hard... to the people I love and have loved before ....yes it will fall away... but by that time... I will be ready to let go.... or ready to learn to let go.... truthfully

Why Couples Counselling...?

Are you feeling stuck in patterns of miscommunication with your partner or friend or roomate or family member... the same issues keep coming up... over and over... AHHHHH FUCK we're doing it again!!!!! We can, so quickly, in our hurt and confusion... become a blockhead or spaz-case when communicating upset And then all possibility of hearing each other goes out the window leaving you isolated, confused and mistrustful... Or maybe you're not fighting out loud... but are instead...holding your true feelings back for fear of your partners reactions? The Unsaid eating away at your well being....poisoning the connection in unexpressed but very tangible ways.'s why... it can be soooooo h

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