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What makes a REAL FRIEND

Whats the difference between a friendly acquaintance and an actual friend?


Vulnerability and Struggle.

Whomever you have a truly bonded relationship with is someone you have struggled with... or at least expressed the truth of your personal struggles...


I try and remember this when I am tempted to shut down, give up and isolate from someone I am struggling with...

All struggles are an opportunity TO GO DEEPER.

Ask yourself...what do I need to feel safe enough to explore relationship struggle with you?

Calling on... Bravery (in myself) Honesty (in myself) Nurturing (for myself) Curiosity about each other (in myself) Diplomatic and non violent communication skill ( in myself...)

Do I want to go deeper???? ( IN MYSELF!!!???!!!)

Going deeper in struggle together will do a combination of these 3 things: 1) bring us closer together with more awareness on how to care for each other 2) help us practise and master non violent communication skill ( You'll get to say...."Wow are we ever mature now!!! Way ta go FRIEND!!!! ") 3) show us that we are not compatible in the ways we hoped and help us to let go with maturity, honesty, and gratitude.


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