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THE Root of all EVIL by Jane Calm

So this is a dream I had.... And I'm pretty sure its gonna blow some brains off and could easily apply to pretty much anyone

I was in my childhood the upstairs hallway...owwwwww with a medicine women elder and another girl - about my age


wise women was reading to us from a story book that was meant to teach us but only the other girl was listening... I was to busy dancing around and playing to pay much attention to the story book...

WHEN SUDDENLY through the front door comes THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!!!!!! The Root of all Evil is a terrifying women with wild fiery hair that is flying all around her like wriggling snakes and she is slowly floating up the stairs towards us THE ROOT OF ALLLLLLL EVVVVILLLLLLL!!!!!! COMING THIS WAY!!! I AM TERRIFIED!!! this is the root of ALL EVIL MOTYHER FUCKERS!!! I KNOW SHE CAN KILL US!!! but first she will torture us for sure!!!!!!

For a split second I freak the fuck out but then gather myself enough to think "QUICK QUICK JANE -COLLECT YOUR POWER!!!" but .....!!!! "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!" but then I say to myself "JUST DO IT FUCKER!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!"

So I close my eyes circle my arms around my centre and "collect my power" - as it were...

and It's working!!!! I start levitating!!! ...but still the ROOT OF ALL EVIL is approaching slowly floating up the stairs

So then, AS I LEVITATE, I squint open one eye to see what is happening with the other 2 women and low and behold the wise women is also levitating but way higher then me whilst the other girl is floating about the height I'm at

I squeeze my eyes shut again and think... "I should light a candle to welcome the good spirits! and then I think " NO JANE that's stupid! Just keep collecting your power!"

But then suddenly The 3 of us fly like a bats outa hell into my parents bedroom and THE WISE WOMEN LIGHTS A CANDLE!! ( obvious lesson there... that I can trust my intuition! I am not stupid!)

So the 3 of us huddle around the candle and the wise women says to me "You!," She points my way "Stay here! Her and I are going to the restaurant to get help."

And with that the 2 women are gone! zinging out of the room to go to the restaurant ( why they are going to a restaurant I don't know)


and just then the ROOT OF ALL EVIL floats through the bedroom door and says... "I am the reason that babies are starving I create wars and torture and sex slaves..." "I am the reason that everything sucks here and everyone is in pain"

My whole being instantly fills with a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF RAGE and I start screaming at her as she floats closer and closer "I HATE YOU YOU YOU...!!!!" and then my words just blur into primal sounds and I lash forward and attack her and we are fighting like insane wild animals or matrix monsters

but after a few seconds I have her on the ground and my foot is just about to STOMP ON HER FACE when she says... "If you do that you'll be just like me." and I scream back "NO I WON'T! I WILL BE THE SAVIOR OF THE WHOLE WORLD!!!" and then I recoil in shock as I realize...OH NOOOOOO!

Saying that I could be the savior of the world...that IS the part of me that is just like her... JUST LIKE HER!!!!!

SO I attempt an ego recovery by saying to myself "QUICK QUICK Jane! Zen out your thoughts ZEN OUT YOUR THOUGHTS!!!!!"

(zen out your thoughts basically means MAKE YOUR MIND EMPTY AND RETURN TO ZERO PREFERENCE)

AND AS i THINK zen out your thoughts

I mean EXACTLY at the same time that I am saying it to myself


I'm killing her ! I'm Killing her!!! Spontaneously naturally without ego preference or strategy!

and as I am stomping her face I realise that her smashed face is turing into THE STORY BOOK THE WISE WOMEN WAS READING TO US AT THE BEGINNING OF THE DREAM! ( the one I WASN'T paying any attention to )

The root of all evils' hair and face is smashed into the cover of the story book I bend over the limp dead body and reach for the story book that was once her head her hair has turned into the words on the cover her smashed face into the cover picture... I sit down beside her lifeless body and begin to turn the pages...

And I gasp in shock when I discover that the story the wise women was reading us that then became the smashed head of the Root of all Evil Is THE STORY OF WHAT JUST HAPPENED...!!!

the story book is picture after picture of WHAT JUST HAPPENED There is a picture of the wise women reading to us a picture of me goofing off there is a picture of the Evil Root coming through the front door Of the wise women lighting the candle and of me stomping Evils face in!!

"It's all already happened!" I think to myself bewildered and awestruck "there is nothing I need do. It has all already happened!"

and as I lean on her dead body in exhausted wonderment, My brother comes through the door and looks at me with the disgusted, irritated look he always gave me growing up and says "Jane, what are you doing? " he snears

and I say..."nothing."

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