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Swallowing your therapist

Taking Psychedelic plants is like swallowing a therapist

Your own insanely specific personal therapist.

Why the fuck not????

Some people say they don't want to take psychedelics because they don't want it to change them. Don't you want to change? Isn't changing wonderful? Or sometimes they say I don't take it because it will probably be scary. To that I say "hell yeah it's going to be scary because life is scary. But you're already scared wouldn't it be better to have a nature-made therapist with you along the way?

To me...ingesting plant medicine is like experiencing your whole life in concentrate

All the things that life is... you will experience on an intentional plant journey... packed together.... in that one night

Is it Scary?? YES so is life.

Is is breathtakingly beautiful? FUCK YES

just like life

Confusing? yes humbling? yes

connecting? yes disconnecting? yes

Loving? YES. deeply deeply loving... just like life is Sometimes...........

Yes...All the feelings that life has to offer... you will experience on a plant journey... packed together in that one night This helps me when I am in the midst of learning hard lessons from the plant teachers I have swallowed.

If I can do this...I am teaching myself how to do life. I am giving my very cells... PRACTISE. So when everyday life comes along... and slaps my ego/tender heart around a bit...well I am that much more able to meet it. Cause I have practised. Some people say...swallowing a plant teacher helps release fear of death...because it can feel like a type of swallow these teachers.... the ego is dying...and yet there you are at the end of it. Still breathing...

Having made it home to tell the tale. Having practised how to truly live.

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