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Don't RUSH Relationships

don't rush relationships.... (even friendships or what could possibly turn out to be unfriendships...)

why do we do that? Why do we wanna know.... "where this is going and what is this for and and and....are you WORTH IT?" before the relationship has even had time to MAKE A STORY OUT OF ITSELF.

the story of how things happen is the juice and excitement of relationships. bumps and glitches / burns and bites included.

let your relationships percolate and gestate and unfold and create.

let them surprise you and disappoint you and amaze you and humble you.

and when I say "don't rush relationships" I don't mean "don't talk about what you think feel and even predict" I mean....ENJOY the RIDE. don't (in your mind) rush the ride don't try to jump off before its over ( ps. it's never over anyway)

all relationships continue ongoing into infinity. when I say don't rush...I mean... don't NOT ENJOY the constantly unfolding mystery that is each other.

and don't try and make them something they are not. there are others for that. you'll see....I guarantee

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