The soulmate misconception

The concept of "the ONE" has to be blown out of the firkin universal waters once and for all because it is majorly holding us back as a society. The one true love....the matrix movie Neo crap There is no ONE...And this is NOT sad news..NOT AT ALL. Like zillions of boys and girls I spent most of my life chasing the concept of THE ONE. This perfect match made in heaven relationship that would supply me with tenderness kisses, tummy butterflies, family and naturally ,hot hot sex. F O R EVER. And I've been in my fair share of serious relationships. Two of them for 7 years each. And like most girlie girls, Ive spent countless hours listening to the love stories of all my friends. Yet I have never

Bossy is not always an insult

Being called Bossy is an insult and that truly saddens me. It saddens me that potentially great ideas and or great collaborations (or simply just the potential for surprise and fun) dissolve around the stigma. Essentially we are afraid of hurt feelings ( both our own and the other) so we shut down the flow of ideas and leadership impulse to keep from hurting each other. -being bossy can also be looked at as spontaneity. I think a lot of people fear spontaneity. They fear something out of their control is gonna happen and potentially hurt them. This fear is not completely unfounded but when it becomes a programmed response to change even in response to people you wish to collaborate/soci

Nature's Therapists

When one is on psychedelics or about to partake in them... ... the part that is really scary is losing your identity... I want to question... what is so precious about my individuality/identity ? Is it something so precious that I want to hang on to it? Maybe the very loss of my identity is what joins me in Ecstatic Union with my surroundings? When you lose yourself in an activity... isn't that when you're really enjoying it? Every time I'm about to do psychedelics I get super scared... even just smoking pot( pot it's very psychedelic for me) but when I realized that all I'm really afraid of is losing my identity... I instantly feel comfort in the chaos of joining the moment. CO

The Reason People Lie to You

It's really compassionate to remember that the reason people LIE TO YOU is... they are seeking your approval. they are seeking your affection and attention and they don't think they can have it as they REALly are. as things have REALly happened. They don't think they are lovable as they REALly are. so in order to get your approval... they have to do the job of organizing reality around what is NOT REAL because their REAL is definitely not good their minds...for survival and love here on this this situation... This thought is brought to you by ... the hopes that... You will have more compassion for yourself when you lie and for others when they withhold a

Anxiety Binding Patterns

Admittedly... often the reason we bond with specific people is because we have the same anxiety binding patterns "I'll hang with you cause we both drink or we both gossip or we both zone out on netflix or we're both driven to "be better than others" ETC forever. this isn't a judgement call...just an awareness that could inspire an open dialogue with our fellow anxiety binders and perhaps create commitment to new ways of being that come from support, honesty and deep reflection...instead of running from uncomfort... We can explore the uncomfortable feelings together....and bond based on our true selves...our gucky funky and wildly miraculous...TRUE SELVES

Forgiveness unravels time itself

“Maybe you’re watching TV and you forgive a news story that you see. Another layer of the onion is peeled away, but you think nothing's happening. In the meantime, the Holy Spirit is shining your forgiveness everywhere throughout the mind that is projecting the universe, and thus through the projection as well. It cuts through unconscious guilt and it’s projections of karma like a laser beam. It goes through all of your past lives, all of your future lives, all through the different dimensions of time, everywhere in the universe of energy and form, and through every parallel universe that appears to exist. Incredible things are happening while you're forgiving that TV news story. The Holy Sp

Awesome Astrology

Awesome Astrology info... Aries is the infant "I am" to teach that love is innocence and learn that love is Trust. Taurus is the baby "I have" to teach that love is patience and learn that love is forgiveness Gemini is the child " I think" to teach that love is awareness and learn that love is feeling Cancer is the Adolescent "I feel" to teach that love is devotion and learn that love is freedom Leo is the teenager "I will" to teach that love is ecstasy and learn that love is humility Virgo is the adult "I analyze" to teach that love is pure and learn that love is fulfillment. After achieving emotional maturity in the first six stages of development people must then pass through loves final

Boredom is Anxiety

maybe boredom is actually a high state of anxiety... you have to DO DO DO things to avoid feeling that anxiety... ya think?? and....Anxiety is the first clue that you are not wanting to feel something--- that you are trying to AVOID FEELING SOMETHING. Allow yourself to go to what's under the anxiety. What fear is the anxiety distracting me from? What am I trying to avoid feeling? What kind of nurturing does the feeling UNDER the Anxiety want from me? answers are....I am avoiding feeling lonely useless directionless... My anxiety wants me to remember that I am unique loved precious AND PERFECTLY LOVABLE DOING NOTHING PARTICULARLY SPECIAL AT ALL. There's mine...<3

Teaching our way through the struggle

We are all teaching each other the way through struggle. please oh please show up and share....curious...and incomplete in your confusion and hurt feelings. Each person is a different puzzle and it takes patience, listening and communication to understand the puzzle that is you -that is your relationships -that is the puzzle they are together... ​WE need the exact you...that only you can teach... everything that you are is an ESSENTIAL part of the puzzle. The perfectly sloppy mind blowing mish mash puzzle that is earth please share your part of the unravel.. FACT...we are stuck forever without you.

when no one is paying attention to you...

One of the greatest personal surrenders we must all endure is... accepting that... there will be many many moments in your life minutes-days-years even... where no one is paying any attention to u at all. No one is paying any attention to u and the wonderful things you do but you. Just you. and that will have to be more then enough And hopefully we all learn to understand that... just you paying attention to you is MUCH MORE than enough. in fact it is EVERYTHING. The start and end of EVERYTHING. Deeply surrender and joyfully humbly attend to those moments and or periods of life where only u is paying any attention at all to the AMAZING deep beautiful things that u do.

My new favorite manifestation/law of attraction word is BASKING

My new favorite manifestation/law of attraction word is BASKING Basking is to be used everytime something good happens Say you get a great parking spot or a new job or it's sunday after an absolutely fabulous party BASK IN IT Let those deep dreamy wondrous feelings shine on you like sunshine and let the BASKING love fill your cells like a warm incensed bathtub Take a moment to BASK everytime something good happens or you recall how fricken lovable someone is or how lovable you are BASK and... its most best to encourage group BASKING It's much more powerful in groups of 2 or more "Say Honey, I had a really good time fucking your brains out last night. And I know we did alot of BASKING about t

When you Feel LEFT OUT

If you feel left out it's because you're giving someone else too much power over your own good times and success. Use this feeling as a warning that you need to refocus your energy on your own value. Refocusing your energy away from the "left out" situation let's love come from surprising -more aligned- more exactly you places Demanding it come from the place you feel left out of often proves to yourself and others that you are not intrinsically worthy... which is UNTRUE!!! By pouting and energetically begging you are communicating an UNTRUTH about yourself!!!! so..... try try try this instead if you are feeling left out... And it always works! Surprise opportunities/connection

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