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We think that Soulmates are another person...

Soulmates.... Are never an answer to a problem. The problem of loneliness and disconnection... THEY ARE NEVER THE ANSWER.

We must ENTIRELY stop expecting them to be.

Soulmates are a reflection of the problem.

NOT IN ANY WAY EVER.... the solution...

As soon as you start treating others like a solution.... they either run from you or, in their illusion.... treat you like a solution and you trap each other...

Soulmates are not there to make it all better they are there to mirror what's unloved in you

Finding YOU, ,and therefore, by default, what is unloved in you.... is what you're doing here. ON earth. It is actually the ONLY THING you are doing here. So if finding you is what you are doing here...then approaching the hidden parts of ourselves...

the darkness in you.... that's your soulmate actually. That hidden place.

and until that place...that creepy nasty confused needy fucked up darkness is allowed out of hiding out of the deep dark recesses of our body and psyche... Until it is WELCOMED into your loving arms...and humbly yet proudly unveiled to the your true love soulmate.... well until then... loving connection will be fleeting and superficial or confused and hurtful. Because that is exactly how that dark part of your felt when it asked you for love and you told it "I am to busy looking for someone else." " you ain't good enough to pay attention to!"

Sooooooooooooooo..... All the stuff you've been hiding.... that only deep intimacy can reveal let it come to the you can learn what it needs to be loved. Then you will find yourself with a soulmate that is nice to you instead of mean.

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