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Alone Time...what is it good for?

you know how it's fun to hang out with a bunch of people BUT if you really wanna get intimate and get to know someone you need to spend quality time together... just the 2 of you??

I think that about myself.

Alone time is not about being's about intimate time with myself so we CAN GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER. How do I expect to know you ,Jane Calm, if I don't devote a lot of TIME AND ENERGY learning who you are? what you like and don't like what you are afraid of what your motivations are memories are desires are??

I need quality time just me and me to understand what you want....

cause sometimes girl..... I don't think YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. YOU confound ME sometimes actually... I think I need to create special time to WOOOO and court you...sweet Jane... to let you know you are important to me and for this alloted amount of quality time....I am here to LISTEN JUST TO YOU. To follow your impulses around the house and to talk to you about your FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLINGS......<3

when I hang out solo I am not alone...I am on a date with this lovely mysterious person I want to get to know better...and I want to impress her to.... Hopefully... I could even get Lucky...fingers crossed....

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