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"Jane is a playful yet seriously dedicated teacher and life-coach. She's able to flip the way you're seeing things and offer very effective solutions and practices to help you change yourself and your relationships. She really gets you curious in a deep and inspiring way. She has been a keystone in my evolution and I will be forever grateful."       B.Malgorzata

"In relationships, whether personal ,creative or professional, inevitably power struggles and conflicts   occur. Jane is gifted in navigating conflict in a open, honest, safe and highly productive way.

 I absolutely recommend her when you need help with mediation and relationship breakdown.

Jane has the answers."          C. Precious

"There are few people who carry a combination of playfulness, depth of knowledge and true empathy in the field of counselling and conflict resolution.

I hired Jane to be our 'company counsel' ; to facilitate honest dialogue and navigate tricky emotional dynamics that show up in the workplace.

Jane is someone who can support your company to live the values of honesty, transparency, and compassionate communication."

Raamayan Amanda

"Jane held a depth of honoring compassion in our sessions that brought immediate trust and safety  in our online counseling session.  As a result, I made many breakthroughs in a short amount of time. She held a great container of professionalism and safety for me to shift past underlining states of pain and anxiety and move towards a more liberated and joyful experience of myself. "    D.Jackson 

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