Proud Mistakes

Can you stand behind your mistakes as proudly and unflinchingly as you can behind your talents and convictions? Standing behind your convictions opinions and “rightness “ takes courage for sure… but not half as much as boldly standing behind your mistakes. Bravely -transparently -telling the story of why and how you came to make such a mistake knowing that understanding is your birthright Clearly owning what happened for you and bravely forgiving yourself just as unconditionally and powerfully as you admit your ignorance and impatience. Those who can admit to their bullshit and compassionately reveal their entire process chin up head high and proudly declare that they're flawed learning

When someone is cruel to you

YOU, friend, have been a super dick to me but I will not cut you off in my heart. I will work steady and constant to not cut you off in my heart. because that would be saying I don't love u anymore and I know that I do. Instead of protecting myself from you by cutting u off-and TELLING YOU OFF- in my head all day long... thereby declaring emotional etherical warfare... Instead I will let the complexity of human love envelope me wash over me moment to confusing -agonizing- gnawing moment The tragedy of unraveling and truly understanding what it takes to be ACTUALLY forgiving... I will let the pain of loving u meet the joy of knowing u I will let them have tea together inside of me talk it ove

How we behave that creates cancer cells

SOCIETAL RULES TEACH US HOW TO BE CANCEROUS. This is an epic read about how healthy cells function vs how cancerous cells function. So simple and obvious. Excerpt from a book by Deepak Chopra called The Book of Secrets. I didn't read the whole book, in fact, I didn't get past this one section because this section changed my viewpoint is a very profound way. The reason we live in a Cancer Society and the reason our bodies are riddled with cancer is because we behave in exactly the opposite way healthy cells behave. I actually believe this Viewpoint to be the most profound and important view when considering illness in the body. Going against cancerous thought patterns means going against So


Society seems to think that sex can be casual….. but I’m learning to disagree. Sex is ,absolutely, the most intimate thing you can do with your body — -in relation to another person. Sex connects you with your deepest- darkest-(and lightest!!!!) — but most primal emotions How the fuck is that in any way casual? I think we are a society that is deluding itself. I think we are deluded about what sex is actually for. when we have sex we connect to our deepest emotions….YOU CAN”T AVOID IT…. thats why…. when you fuck people who are not committed to knowing you…. talking to you…caring for you…. after the sex is over…we feel empty and abandoned. And we have to strategize how to be ok with th

The relief and ease of growing older

one of the greatest most relieving things about growing up or as they say -growing older- is... You can let go of the anxious drive to FINALLY BE SOMEBODY. "For CHRIST FUCKING SAKE JANE you have to get MUCH MUCH better at all these talents and skills you have (or wish you had more of) so that you can FINALLY BE SOMEBODY and FINALLY BE LOVED / REVERED and/or SECURE!!!!" So much stress scheming anxiety and fight-within over all of those things and the more GROWN UP I get the less I seem to strive to MAKE something of myself and the more I simply CREATE watch enjoy in curiosity OF WHAT WILL BECOME OF ME. growing up "lets me off the hook" so to speak So that I can cr

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