Reality Check (a communication tool)

SUPER HELPFUL COMMUNICATION TOOL!!!! THE REALITY CHECK A Reality Check is a communication tool that helps you get curious about your upset with another person without immediately projecting fault onto them. You know how our minds thinks they know what the other person is thinking? How it interrupts events based on its own confusion... and acts like these imagined perceptions are the ULTIMATE TRUTH? How many times have you gotten a look from someone or heard a tone in their voice and decided that you know exactly what they're up to??? AND THEN....!!!! you make decisions about what to do next... without even asking the other person what was going on for them!!!!!!! This can lead to so much

Betrayed in Community

So this observation super helps me in community when I dislike or feel betrayed by certain members of it. People bug me / hurt me / disappoint me/ and even betray me Yet these exact same people at the exact same time are someone else's angel lover / supporter / friend and teacher at the exact same time. Who is right about them? Am I right that they're backstabbing/ power tripping/ cowards? Or are their loved ones right.... about the incredible kindness they offer? I say to my friend " That person is so snobby and entitled…I get so irritated around them!!!" My friend says...about that same person... " Oh he's simply shy and confused about human contact. My Heart goes out to him!! H

Stuck in Childhood Trauma

Childhood Traumas stunt our emotional growth until they are revisited re-felt and nurtured from your protective loving adult mind. Your adult mind. Your childhood trauma. We are literally stuck back there with the same beliefs we had as a wee child......Superimposed now, on the adults that trigger us...those people that resemble somehow... the caregivers that couldn't love us the way we needed. The child in you is.... at present.... looking for the people who will betray you... blindly hoping ... like a wide eyed child... for a different outcome. If this person who resembles my caregiver that betrayed me... finally loves me... then it means I'm lovable.... all the pain I experienced

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