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Man it's GREAT to be humble

What does it mean to be humble??? Is there apart of our collective belief system that tells us that humility is weak? Unsuccessful...?? Bound to struggle and beg???

And what is the result of this belief around humility... is it connection? Loving community??

Those moments (rare!!) when I have experienced humility .... nothing compares .... i will spend every second of my life reminding myself to submit to humility

When I can really let go of the struggle to prove myself and compare yourself MAKE SOMETHING Of YOURSELF !!!!! When I can just let go and enjoy serving the moment... serving EACH OTHER To live in AWE and commitment to whatever crosses my path

Forgiveness. Trusting that those who hurt you are doing their best and STILL DESERVE your love and awareness even if it’s just in your softest prayers and hopes for them.

To look at people and no matter who they are to be humbly grateful they exist because without them you cannot exist To know that even the most twisted among us ... belong to us All this exquisite beauty and horrible depth- to humbly accept it and love it like a mother to her newborn. simply grateful even in the horror of what ails me.

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