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Anxiety is Vitality

Anxiety is VITALITY focused on Negative outcomes. Anxiety is Vitality. Before anxiety... there ia Vitality. Life force. Vitality is non polarized life-force. Vitality is the feeling of aliveness and action. It is one of your natural states.

Anxiety is Vitality focused on negative outcome. I'm going to fail. I'm going to be hurt. I'm going to be called out/ humiliated. People are going to see that I don't belong here and therefore I'm not going to survive. I am alone but I can't do it alone.... so it's all hopeless. I'm hopeless.

I feel so much anxiety before I enter a social situation. I feel so much vitality before I enter a social situation. I feel so much vitality.... that by focussing on negative outcome possibilities...... ends up transforming into anxiety. This anxiety is debilitating. This anxiety is nauseating. Nauseating because I can't get rid of the energy. There is so much energy in my body. What would happen if I focused my Vitality on positive outcome possibilities? What would happen to that vitality?

Something like this??? I feel so much excitement before I enter a social situation. I feel so much vitality before I enter a social situation...before a family gathering...job interview... There is a possibility that I will connect with someone... There is a possibility that I will face challenges... YES.... and I can use these challenges to improve myself I can be proud of myself... for how I handled challenging social communication with compassion/ clear boundaries and availability. I feel so much hope before I enter a social situation. I can connect in unique ways tailored for me ... by me.

Sometimes when I enter a room or I'm in a group for a long time... my brain turns into a lil whining bitch... and starts to notice all the things I DON'T HAVE.

I dont have people that see me in this room. I'm not being met. I'm not understood. I will never belong.

It takes discipline and self-nurturing to refocus my mind on the positive happenings in the very same room. I can breathe and move my body. That one person over there gave me a beautiful smile. I had a friendly conversation when I came in the door. I forgot to notice that.

I can be a really good friend. Once you get to know me. It's been really fun developing the relationships I do have. They all start somewhere. I'm excited about the possibility that there might be one starting in this very room.

What is Vitality focused on positive outcome possibilities? THE TRUTH. YOUR BIRTHRIGHT Claim it by training your mind and revealing your heart.

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