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The goal of individual counselling is to learn to understand, accept, and express your feelings so that you can effectively communicate your desires and needs with the people in your life. Getting the life you want is a direct result of clear and loving  communication. When you can communicate lovingly with yourself you can communicate effectively and lovingly with others. 


In todays modern world there are countless ways to do life and relationships. There is no "right" way.  I have experienced many different counter culture lifestyle choices therefore I am able to navigate complex relationship structures and provide creative ways to move through life safely and joyfully.


Finding purpose and motivation in life is extremely important to our well being. I have developed many different exercises and communication skills to help you get clear about your true desires and create the step by step program that will turn your life around.


I am highly skilled at unravelling  destructive communication patterns that can occur in relationships. We often find ourselves communicating from patterns of attack and blame which conceal the truth of our loving hearts and leave us frustrated and misunderstood. Our true nature gets hidden under mountains of painful projections and confused details. I am expertly skilled at clarifying these projections and helping each person care for themselves and ,in turn, each other. There is always a way through conflict,  especially when intentional space is created to hear each others different perspectives and confused feelings.


I have experienced depression in my life and have developed skills and self awareness that can truly aid others to emerge from this seemingly endless darkness. All of your thoughts and feelings deserve a safe space to be heard and acknowledged.


I have experienced a number of intense addictions so I know how confusing and debilitating they are.  The root cause of every addiction is isolation from the self and other.  I can offer authentic connection, without any judgement,  as well as a tried and true pathway to releasing yourself from addictive patterns. 

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