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How we behave that creates cancer cells

SOCIETAL RULES TEACH US HOW TO BE CANCEROUS. This is an epic read about how healthy cells function vs how cancerous cells function. So simple and obvious. Excerpt from a book by Deepak Chopra called The Book of Secrets. I didn't read the whole book, in fact, I didn't get past this one section because this section changed my viewpoint is a very profound way. The reason we live in a Cancer Society and the reason our bodies are riddled with cancer is because we behave in exactly the opposite way healthy cells behave. I actually believe this Viewpoint to be the most profound and important view when considering illness in the body. Going against cancerous thought patterns means going against Societal norms alot of the time.. It doesn't matter how much time and effort we put into healing practices if we don't change the way we think we won't change the way our body reacts to stress. Am I living the way my healthy cells would like to live?

HIGHER PURPOSE You have a higher purpose. Every cell in your body agrees to work for the welfare of the whole. Its individual welfare comes second. If necessary it will die to protect the body and often does. The lifetime of any given cell is a fraction of our own lifetime. Skin cells perish by the thousands every hour as do immune cells fighting off invading microbes. If you are a healthy cell selfishness is not an option even when it comes to your own Survival.

COMMUNION You are in communion with the whole of life. A cell keeps in touch with every other cell. Messenger molecules race everywhere to notify the body's farthest Outpost of Desire or intention however slight. Withdrawing or refusing to communicate, if you are a healthy cell, is not an option.

AWARENESS Your awareness is always open to change from moment to moment. it senses everything in your environment. Cells adapt from moment to moment. They remain absolutely flexible in order to respond to immediate situations. If you are a healthy cell getting caught up in Rigid habits of thought is not an option.

ACCEPTANCE You feel acceptance for all others as your equal without judgement or Prejudice. Cells recognize each other as equally important. Every function in the body is interdependent with every other Function. If you are healthy cell, going at it alone, is not an option.

CREATIVITY You seize every moment with renewed creativity not clinging to the old or the outworn.. Although every cell has a set of unique functions these combined in creative ways. A person can digest food never eaten before think thoughts never thought before and dance in ways never seen before. If you are a healthy still clinging to Old behavior is not an option

BEING You're being is cradled in the rhythm of the universe. You feel safe and nurtured. Cells obey the universal cycle of rest and activity. Although this cycle expresses itself in many ways, such as fluctuating hormone levels, blood pressures, and digestive rhythms, the most obvious expression is sleep. Why we need to sleep remains a medical mystery, yet complete dysfunction develops if we don't enjoy its benefits. In the Silence of inactivity the future of the body is incubating. When you are a healthy cell being obsessively active or aggressive is not an option.

EFFICIENCY If you are a cell, efficiency lets the flow of Life bring you what you need. Forced control and struggle are not your way. Cells function with the smallest possible expenditure of energy. Typically, and cell stores only three seconds of food and oxygen inside its cell wall. It trusts totally on being provided for. When you are a healthy cell excessive consumption of food, air, or water is not an option.

CONNECTION You feel a sense of connection with your Source. Due to their common genetic inheritance, cells know that they are fundamentally the same. The fact that liver cells are different from heart cells and muscle cells are different from brain cells does not negate their common identity, which is unchanging. In the laboratory a muscle cell can be genetically transformed into a heart cell by going back to their common source. Healthy cells remain tied to their Source no matter how many times they divide. When you are a healthy cell being an outcast is not an option.

GIVING You are committed to giving as the source of all abundance. The primary activity of cells is giving, Which maintain the Integrity of all other cells. Total commitment to giving makes receiving automatic . When you are a healthy cell, hoarding is not an option.

IMMORTALITY You see all change, including birth and death against the background of immortality whatever is unchanging is most real to you. Cells reproduce in order to pass on their knowledge experience and talents withholding Nothing from their offspring. This is a kind of practical immortality, submitting to death on the physical plane but defeating it on the non-physical. When you are a healthy cell the generation gap is not an option.

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