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Betrayed in Community

So this observation super helps me in community when I dislike or feel betrayed by certain members of it. People bug me / hurt me / disappoint me/ and even betray me Yet these exact same people at the exact same time are someone else's angel lover / supporter / friend and teacher at the exact same time.

Who is right about them? Am I right that they're backstabbing/ power tripping/ cowards? Or are their loved ones right.... about the incredible kindness they offer? I say to my friend " That person is so snobby and entitled…I get so irritated around them!!!" My friend says...about that same person... " Oh he's simply shy and confused about human contact. My Heart goes out to him!! He's so worthy of tenderness and I LOVE to care for him!!!… "

Who's right? Anyone?? EVERYONE???

Why am I pointing all this out ???? Because it helps me be less serious about my upset. It helps my friends feel like they don't have to agree with me... It helps me see relationship upset from a higher/longer term/ more holistic perspective. So it's better for communities. Even though you seem like a douche to me... you still belong here.

I may be "over you" in our relationship... but guess what?? you're "over me" too. I will no longer put up with your crap... well same goes for you... as far as my crap is concerned ... why do I think I'm such a prize... that when we stop communicating... you're the one missing out???? Maybe we are both over each other... simultaneously...and that's just fine. We are both still worthy of awesomeness and there's MORE THAN ENOUGH awesomeness to go around.

a good bitch fest practise is to say something genuinely lovely about whoever you're bitching about. for example.... "WOW.. That chic PattyPuff is such a snob. I feel like she looks down on my grubby gumboots and stained man shirts. She really does have amazing clothing artistry though. People must feel so inspired by her! What a visual feast for the eyes she is!"

I may be venting about others for releasing purposes but also (I admit it) for EXCITEMENT!!! I love the drama of everything and everyone trying so hard (CAUSE ITS HARD AF TO BE HUMAN!!!!!) and the intense diversity of human relationship!!!! but no one is actually doing life wrong... even if my inner drama queen / inner child talks like they are.

I NEVER actually think that.

If there weren't people I disliked and that disliked me...what a boring world it would be. I LOVE that people are so different that only special somEones know how to love me... I love that I am crazy annoying to some people and wildly unique and eternally lovable to others. I assume people are talking about me behind my back (feel freeeeeee!!!!) and I genuinely hope they're enjoying their displeasure of me.

Please apply my apologies to anyone I may have bitched about. That's just my mirror with them. Other people see them differently and those people are just as correct as me ....actually more so.

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