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Stuck in Childhood Trauma

Childhood Traumas stunt our emotional growth until they are revisited re-felt and nurtured from your protective loving adult mind.

Your adult mind. Your childhood trauma.

We are literally stuck back there with the same beliefs we had as a wee child......Superimposed now, on the adults that trigger us...those people that resemble somehow... the caregivers that couldn't love us the way we needed.

The child in you is.... at present.... looking for the people who will betray you... blindly hoping ... like a wide eyed child... for a different outcome.

If this person who resembles my caregiver that betrayed me... finally loves me... then it means I'm lovable.... all the pain I experienced as a child can finally be undone!

It can't work of course... because the magnetic attraction of trauma means this other adult sees their childhood in you to ....and the cycle continues...

In the role of the child you are rejected again and again.

and then when you are finally the adult... you get to do the rejecting!!!!! When someone gives us their power... NOW WE GET TO CHOOSE to hurt them or not!!!! We get to choose to withdraw and isolate them WE HAVE THE POWER THIS TIME.

And we mostly switch roles back and forth... depending on whom we give our power....Hoping in vain for our love to be returned.... What a dance!

We are stuck... we emotionally land back in relationships that resemble the original trauma... so repressed fear can resurface. So hopefully we can heal....with your adult self present and able to protect you and remind you of your innocence and lovability.

If you are feeling called to address childhood trauma...I can help. I am a registered therapeutic counsellor and my specialty is going back and visiting that small child and helping you give them what they were missing. email me for a session booking or a free phone consultation

This article is a combo between the works of Anneke Lucus and myself I am wildly inspired by Anneke. She is a survivor of child trafficking and sexual slavery At present she founded an organization called Liberation Prison Yoga. Check out her website in the comments below. It's a breathtaking forgiving and insightful read.

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