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You are not loved for your body

you are not loved for your body you are desired for your body. In the Hall of Mirrors... that is comparison and longing... we use our bodies to bargain for affection but you cannot be loved from there. Being loved for your body is like being loved for your costume. Can you be loved for your costume? A bit yes... but not FULLY not the REAL DEEP LOVE because... Your body is not who you are it is what you're wearing.

IF... you CAN'T experience yourself as the joyous wildly liberated connected creature that you TRULY are and always have been (sometimes deep inside and hidden by cultural programming) without the body mirroring "deservership".... well... you haven't really loved yet and you haven't yet learned to love yourself. ( I AM STILL LEARNING.... oh am I... humbly fumbly LEARNING!!!!)

True love is not a body. True love is a soul on soul empathy. True love is fitting together like a puzzle of remembrance and thousands of AH HA moments that happen INSIDE with the bodies eyes closed and the SOULS EYES WIDE OPEN... IN AWE.

Your body is a costume. If I am "loved" for my body if that is what sustains the attraction and continuation of the relationship I am in... I must beware and aware... because my body, as a costume, is changing and transient. It is not me...It is my costume and it will not always cooperate.

Your true self is unchanging...your body...not so much

If you were to be sick... if you were to be old (when you are old).... if you were to be "ugly"... would you still be of intimate value to this person you call yourself in love with? Would they still be looking deep into your eyes as you tell the story of your day? Would they want to know how your "costume" is changing and how it feels to have it change that way? We are not loved for our bodies... we are desired for them and desire is based on the idea that we are missing something.... that we MUST obtain our desire or else! Or ELSE!!!

Desire is the false message that we need to look outside of ourselves (to our bodies) to find loving connection... and that is the ultimate riddle the ultimate universal teaching tool that only the woke AF elderly can tell you the secret to.

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