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Why Couples Counselling...?

Are you feeling stuck in patterns of miscommunication with your partner or friend or roomate or family member... the same issues keep coming up... over and over...


we're doing it again!!!!!

We can, so quickly, in our hurt and confusion...

become a blockhead or spaz-case when communicating upset

And then all possibility of hearing each other goes out the window

leaving you isolated, confused and mistrustful...

Or maybe you're not fighting out loud... but are instead...holding your true feelings back for fear of your partners reactions?

The Unsaid eating away at your well being....poisoning the connection in unexpressed but very tangible ways.'s why... it can be soooooo helpful to get MEDIATION...

Sometimes, when we try to talk it over


we end up throwing defensive power trips back and forth, continuing the cycle of violent communication and hurtful avoidance.

and sometimes talking it over makes it even worse...WTF???

That's because...

it can be too much to ask... from our conflicted partners

to be calm and supportive

whilst you talk about the hurtful ways you perceive each other.

You're both upset and confused!!! TO MUCH TO ASK TO BE HURT AND SUPPORTIVE AT THE SAME TIME!!! TO MUCH!!!

Let the counsellor do the supportive part for awhile...

Should those pesky defensive reactions start to surface again..... let the counsellor remind you

that even though you are in is not unsolvable...and you are both STILL LOVABLE.

Each partner starts the session saying something like this...

"Even though we have different perspectives about our relationship struggles

and even though your perspective may hurt and confuse me

as mine could also hurt you

I promise to listen to your experience

and ask for help when I am not able to listen"

The counselor is there to help both parties find the receptive space to feel and communicate what's going on won't be perfect ...but it will be a start... and if you stay with it there will be a end to misunderstanding.

we've gotta start letting the world in and communicating in new ways....trying things...Trusting...taking steps to be cared for...

In tribal cultures, there are specific people that help their tribe with conflict...Our disconnected nuclear families have forgotten how to ask for help...We have forgotten we are not alone. We isolate ourselves within our conflicted relationships

Let someone else listen with you every once in awhile

It's so hard being on earth a lot of the're doing such a kind thing by asking for help...

Relationship Counselling can help you create new ways

of seeing each other...of communicating

dynamically and authentically....

that can be hard to do at first

but once you get the hang of it...

it's yours to use

and cherish

between the both of you.

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