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you're NOT looking for just any man/wombman

you're NOT looking for someone "man enough" "woman enough" to be with you becuase you're just so unique and different... cause honestly... WHO ISN"T???)

no you're not looking for just any MAN/WOMAN....


you ARE looking for the exact combination of what

"MAN/WOMAN enough"

is... JUST for YOU.

you ARE looking for the perfect puzzle of a person where...

1. your "issues" and "traumas" are like medicine to them because they are their exact "issues" to !!! (or equally opposite which is essentially the same thing). Sooooooo.... knowing about your deepest traumas is NOT repelling to them but rather a bonded/tender devotion to simply witness each other on the path back to wholeness are free to be the exact combo of weirdo that you are.

"For me", your LOVE MATE would say " For me, your joys and pains are just the same. They are You. Lovable perfectly puzzle-able interesting and compatible with me YOU."

so this perfect combo of weirdo that is your love-mate is actually factually the only ONE for you ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. (at any given time- although your LOVE MATE can and does change over time .... all the time in fact.... but very very rarely successfully more then ONE DEVOTION-LOVEMATE at a time ( that is godly mathematics because we only HAVE SO MUCH TIME and therefore can't ,very often, successfully DEVOTE enough time to create TRUE LOVE KNOWINGNESS with more then one LOVEMATE at a time...IN TIME....(which is an iiiusion...but still.... I REPEAT....that doesn't mean you can't lovingly connect with more then 1 or 5 people .... but to go deep and deep it's not too common to go LOVE MATE deep with more than ONE PEEP.)

so this perfect combo of weirdo that is your love-mate that you are looking for.... is actually factually the only ONE for you at any given time.... so therefore they're truly one in 7 billion

Isn't that amazing ?? you are looking waiting anticipating FOR ONE PERSON.....

soooooooo..... walkin into a club or swiping through a tinder to connect and get deep deep seeing sex

is kinda expecting way to much from the system a lot of the time

BUT........ and this is the BIGGEST BUT IN THE ENTIRE BOOTY BUTTIVERSE the law of attraction states that "when you realise how perfectly mathematically deserving you are... that you are an EFFORTLESS PURE INEVITABLE AF MAGNET MAGENT MAGNET!!!!! perfect puzzle LOVE mate of power suction cupped right to you TRUE LOVE MAGNET....well... You couldn't avoid this one in a zillion Just for you Genius if you tried."

Sincerely yours, the UNIverse that is made up of just one of us.

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