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Refusal to talk about a problem

Refusal to talk about a problem keeps it alive. The confused energy needs an outlet.

If you ignore it, and refuse to hold intentional space to unravel the painful experience it will find a way out...sometimes attacking people that aren't even involved...

you are worth the effort .... the story is full of emotions that are actually our food/nourishment. I believe, if we let our emotions flow and express, we would be a lot less addicted to a society. Emotions are food. ENERGY. Get curious about them. GO shopping for them.

Have your dear friend over for a meal of emotions.

Share your perspectives of a hurt event that got both of you stuck in a pain body

Remember...both people are "right" about their perspectives even if they are conflicting...

You might change your perspective once the meal is over

but no one can change if they aren't first honoured and heard exactly where they are at

Refusal to acknowledge hurt does not make it go away It actually does the opposite and makes it stay (ends with a Rhyme! Mic drop-ish)

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