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When you Feel LEFT OUT

If you feel left out it's because you're giving someone else too much power over your own good times and success. Use this feeling as a warning that you need to refocus your energy on your own value. Refocusing your energy away from the "left out" situation let's love come from surprising -more aligned- more exactly you places Demanding it come from the place you feel left out of often proves to yourself and others that you are not intrinsically worthy... which is UNTRUE!!! By pouting and energetically begging you are communicating an UNTRUTH about yourself!!!!

so..... try try try this instead if you are feeling left out...

And it always works! Surprise opportunities/connections come from 1.looking away from what is not seeing you 2.refocusing your thoughts onto your vast beauty and valuable assets 3.accept the surprise connections that flow to you 4. the ones who "left you out" will see your value or perhaps you will discover these "leaver outers" were never really meant for you to begin with...

the truth...THAT YOU"RE SOOOO LOVABLE!! Stop looking in places that can't see you...YET....often realigning our thoughts away from pouting causes EVERYONE TO SEE US!!!!

never give up on deserve the best and sometimes it's only ourselves that dims our light.

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