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When your creative energy is STUCK...!!!

Is your mind saying to you…

“you need to change!!!! I know you can do better than this!” “Other people heal from illness, why can’t you?” “You are so awesome and talented and yet you are still sick/stifled/lonely/repressed..” “WTF is wrong with you? Get off your ass and make some changes!”

Demanding change Demanding creativity or Demanding healing Will never ever work.

Wagging your judging finger at yourself will never produce creative connection or healing alchemy. EVER.

Healing energy is like a tiny plant sprout. Like the plant sprout, Healing energy needs soft, loving, attention and step by step gentle application of your intuition.

Creative energy is like a baby learning to walk. Do you demand your baby learn to WALK FASTER to impress the neighbours? What would that little baby do if you were, in any way, demanding it hurry up and walk? IT WOULD SHRINK FROM YOU It would NOT walk faster but it WOULD hide from you. That is exactly what your creative genius does in the face of your demanding ego. IT HIDES AND SHRINKS.

Creative inspiration can not enter when we are demanding of it. That’s just our egos wanting to make us look good to ourselves and the neighbours.

Nothing has ever healed by being scolded. NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT.

Because, even if you do something “productive” from that place of reward and punishment So that the ego can say… “ you are acceptable. But we shall see if you make the cut tomorrow….”

Your wobbly, newly, walking inner child will eventually REBEL against the ego demands to PERFORM It will rebel by being apathetic and sabotaging. The pendulum must swing when it goes to extremes… Because your inner angel child knows something your ego doesn’t It knows that the purpose of creativity is TRUE LOVE. The ego wants the purpose of creativity to be gratification, specialness, and comparison to others… but your inner child knows that the only thing truly creative is love, acceptance, pure expression, and play.

So even if you do respond to Ego demands to PRODUCE AND PERFORM you’re eventually going to rebel against it because there is nothing truly loving about demanding there is nothing truly creative about comparison and coercion.

The relationship you are seeking with yourself is not one of accomplishment or success… it’s love. If the “success” doesn’t come from a truly self-loving place, you won’t enjoy it anyway. It will just be numbers in a bank account that mirror the disconnection in your heart.

So please speak gently to your body and your creative genius like a mommy to a child ask it “how are you feeling today and how can I serve/adore you?”

Because… Nothing has ever healed by being scolded or coerced . NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT.

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