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Forgiveness unravels time itself

“Maybe you’re watching TV and you forgive a news story that you see.

Another layer of the onion is peeled away, but you think nothing's happening.

In the meantime, the Holy Spirit is shining your forgiveness everywhere throughout the mind that is projecting the universe, and thus through the projection as well.

It cuts through unconscious guilt and it’s projections of karma like a laser beam.

It goes through all of your past lives, all of your future lives, all through the different dimensions of time, everywhere in the universe of energy and form, and through every parallel universe that appears to exist.

Incredible things are happening while you're forgiving that TV news story.

The Holy Spirit is actually collapsing time as you sit there.

Because of your forgiveness practice, there are lessons that you no longer need to learn, and the Holy Spirit is actually erasing the tapes, taking dimensions of time that held lessons you would have needed to learn if you didn’t practice forgiveness, and making those dimensions disappear. And because you can’t see everything that the Holy Spirit can see, you’re sitting there thinking, this is boring.Nothing is happening. But something amazing is happening more layers of the onion have peeled away and your ego is vanishing.”

- Your Immortal Reality by Gary R Renard

This book is one of my favs. It’s a channeled book explaining the Course in Miracles The Course in Miracles is my fav philosophy. It states that the only job of every single person and or moment is to forgive it. Makes scientific /love sense to me!!!! If we are living in Maya then forgiveness would be a key to effecting he dream beyond the trap of duality and karma.

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