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Friends to call up and cry to

Friends to call up and cry to are very very important because often what we are crying about is our Partners Lovers Sex buddies ...

And even though these Lovers Partners Sexy Buddies Are connected to you in some of the deepest ways possible... And... if they are good partners they will be there for you and supportive of you in also Some of the deepest ways possible

But support you when you are crying confused and traumatized by something they have done?

No no no that is not their job

And if fact, if you call them up and freak the fuck out on them Crying confused and traumatized Spewing at them all the mind junk you've made their actions mean Well no matter what they've done That's your " fuck up " not theirs

99.9% of the time you will make the situation much much worse Your brain needs to sort it out first

And that's not their job to help u do. That's way to much work for one little heart no matter how horrible they've been.

You're expecting your lover to be 1. equanimous about something they probably have extremely mixed feelings about 2. Supportive of you whilst simultaneously being attacked by you.

Mathematically speaking The odds of actually supporting you without becoming triggered themselves is next to impossible.

So call up your friends and let it all out !! Call up a friend who can 1. Empathise with you and hold your heart in your pain 2. Tell you how YOU contribute to the dynamic so your spew isn't one-sided 3. Brainstorm your next step towards healing and understanding

This way, when you do tell your lover buddy partner chubby About how much of a dick rag narcissistic douche pot they've been

You'll have calmed You'll have clarity About ... 1. What you made their behaviour mean about u ( I'm not lovable/good enough...) 2. How u contributed to the dynamic ( maybe you're a whining needy fart monster????) 3. Possible next steps to create new ways of relating.

Yes....It takes a whole community to heal lovers

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