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The surprising power of ONLINE counselling

So a question that comes up a lot when I tell people that I'm an online counselor is... Online???????????? Really??? Are you able to connect with people deeply enough when there's a screen between you?

Legit question

Before I was trained in it.... I was completely against online counseling and was actually revolted by the thought of technology being apart of such intimacy.

But it ended up being a part of my training soooooo...I put aside my resistance and went into my first online session.

My experience was exactly the opposite of what I thought it would be. It was so profound and connected and here's the surprisingly wonderful reason why.

I don't need to be in the room. The only "room" a client needs is their own bodies

All of the answers humans are looking for are INSIDE THEIR BODIES.... ... communicated through their feelings. Your feelings are in your bodies. They're in your heart your guts in your pains, joys and tensions. I'm just a guide. I guide you to observe and express what you find in your body

It may seem like you are meant to talk to me...but truthfully I am guiding you to talk to YOU...

I will guide the conversation give you ideas and exercises that help you connect and get curious about yourself and your relationships in safe - adventurous and imaginative ways but ultimately it's you spending some time having deep ass convos with yourself. I just get the ball rolling so to speak ( as well as some conflict resolution if different parts of you are fighting with one another.)

Counselling is about the client developing strong relationship with their inner world. It's about devoting time to practising... Self Awareness (whats going on in there ME???) Self Nurturing (how can I help you ME???) Self Advocacy ( how can I support and protect you ME???) and Self Knowledge ( ahhhhh now I understand your feelings MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Does this help you imagine how you don't have to be in the room with your counsellor? You can be in your pjammy's drinking tea in your own sacred space.

No one needs to be in the room for you to feel your feelings feelings you had days ago years ago are still in there..waiting for the space to be created so they can talk... and someone (meaning You) will finally really listen.

I can help with this. Whether I am in the room with you or not.

The only room you really need is the room of your body and the willingness to go in there.

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