Energy Vampires are sometimes...

March 16, 2018


Sometimes when you’re hanging out with someone and u feel drained afterwards
it’s not always
they were stealing your energy
energy vampires so to speak...

Sometimes it’s also a percentage of...

you, holding yourself "together" whilst you are hangin with them.
Holding yourself "together"
holding your feelings in
that takes tons of energy.
You are hiding your true feelings behind a mask of everything is fine
I can't tell you about this
or act like this
or freak out like I might want to...

it takes soooooo much energy
to hold back the dam of truth
that is the
endless river
of our feels.

So maybe its not just that
those peeps are energy vampires
maybe they are doing the same thing as you..
hiding behind a mask of "I am not good enough to simply relax here"
their mask might look needy and frantic
whilst yours might looks cool collected and unaffected...
but they are the exact same in their opposite energy deposits...

But it makes sense why we do this...

This INAUTHENTIC AS FUCK world we live in...
it's important for survival to hold your cards at your chest sometimes...
energy vamp moments are a REAL THING but...
consider whether sometimes it's you deciding that 
the real "right now" you is not welcome
the real of you that might "TELL THAT CHIC TO FUCK RIGHT OFF
or cry and pout and let it all out
or request attention in a whole different way then the "vampires" are offering...

(this rant is encouragement to take risks in relating
Think of someone you feel drained around 
and think about being more honest and allowing the next time you engage with them...CAUSE YOU ARE WORTH RELATIONSHIPS WHERE YOU CAN DO THAT!!!! might as well weed out the peeps who aren't meant to and make room for the peeps who are.)

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