July 31, 2019


TRUE LOVE is finding the place inside of you that
truly wants to know
what you "dont wanna know"
about the person you claim to truly love.

Can you experience true love
without truly hearing who your lover is... ???
their detailed PAST 
detailed PRESENT
and ALLLLLL the POTENTIAL detailed FUTURES they can dream up??? with or without you?

True love means...
--you truly want to know about their ex-lovers. 
--You truly want to know about their other attractions. 
--You truly want to know how THEY FEEL about YOUR attractions/exes...
---you truly want to know how you bother them
---you truly want to know what they're afraid of even in regards to relationship with you
---you truly want to know the things they think about that have potential to truly hurt you

True LOVE is truly wanting to know these things because true love is unconditional love and that is FRIENDSHIP
you may sit on their face and mash your finances and/or private parts together but that is still your FRIEND IF YOU ARE TRULY LOVING

if you are not listening and exploring like a friend with your lover well then the sex is gonna get pretty shallow and confused pretty quick 
( with all that hiding and micromanaging ) so might as well get in there and explore what scares each other....( more on that later...)

true love is finding that spot inside yourself that is bigger than your pain body and ego reactions to each other.

But the TRUEST of TRUE LOVES is knowing that you ARE TRULY CARED FOR 

no matter what this lover of yours says in relation to your truest shares....

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