August 14, 2019

I judge people every second.

Nothing wrong with discrimination and choice.
I discern that you are to
dangerous/grumpy/self absorbed to my liking
and I will PEACEFULLY remove myself from your sphere of influence.
Or I judge you as compelling/creative/interesting and I wi...

August 1, 2019

THE Root of all EVIL by Jane Calm

So this is a dream I had....
And I'm pretty sure its gonna blow some brains off
and could easily apply to pretty much anyone

I was in my childhood the upstairs hallway...owwwwww
with a medicine women elder
and another girl - a...

August 1, 2019

Taking Psychedelic plants is like swallowing a therapist

Your own insanely specific personal therapist.

Why the fuck not????

Some people say they don't want to take psychedelics because they don't want it to change them. Don't you want to change? Isn't changing wonderful?...

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